Photo Tech sandy counters

Luckily for me, Photo Tech was open today. They were able to remove my lens filter for a small fee. One funny thing that I noticed when I entered the repair shop: they had a big sign on the counter, stating that no one should put any wet, sandy, or dirty items on the counter.

“Does that really need to be said?” I said to the person helping me, half laughing. “It seems kind of rude to do something like that.”

“You’d be surprised,” he said, smiling. “People feel like they can just unload everything on us, all their dirt, sand, and all. You’d be surprised: the majority of camera accidents seem to happen at the beach, so the beach ends up coming to us whether we like it or not.”

It’s always comforting to hear how considerate others are, especially when they are in need of help and repair.

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