Cooped up in the apartment

Today was the first day this week that I had no access to our lounge, gym, or pool in our building. It felt incredibly depressing. I did a half hour yoga session on my yoga mat in my bedroom. I realized I hadn’t used my own yoga mat in ages… since prior to moving into this apartment. I’ve been so spoiled having a spacious gym right downstairs that I never even use my own workout stuff anymore.

The work-from-home mandate was initially bearable since all the stores around us seemed to be operating just fine. The restaurants I’ve frequented and get daily work delivery from have all been operating and happy to serve me. Having access to the gym and lounge was giving me additional space and a place to exercise and relax my mind and body. And now, all of that is gone. We’re basically under house arrest because we have no where else to go. Restaurants are being forced to operate at 50 percent capacity. Broadway has officially cancelled all its shows. Even the NBA is on a Coronavirus shutdown. March Madness is not happening. Kids are being told that they need to stay home, as classes are cancelled. Even Wellesley sent out a message today, stating that they would be moving all classes after spring break to “online only.” All students who live on campus need to evacuate and fully move out by the end of March. This is complete insanity.

Even walking outside, I feel a little uncomfortable, wondering if at any second, if I end up sneezing or have a dry throat to cough… what if someone lashes out at me randomly? Should I have a come-back prepared, especially since I am not quick on my feet at all?

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