Stocked up

Even though I’m on a work-from-home mandate, it still doesn’t feel like anything is really different. I have a feeling that I will be forced to work from home for longer than just a week as was originally noted, as it was a moving target, but it’s unclear when all of this will end. We are still going about our usual lives. The show we saw tonight was still on, and it was a decent crowd, as well. I’m still cooking and doing the usual things I would normally do at home. Our freezer is particularly well stocked with everything from frozen fruit and vegetables to meat and seafood. In fact, we’ve unearthed things that we completely forgot we had (I had completely forgotten about my frozen banana leaves… plus, who knows how long these Trader Joe’s hash browns have been sitting in here…?!).

Our country feels really unprepared in general. We have existed under an administration that doesn’t believe in science, so I suppose it’s no surprise that they also think all of this is a hoax. None of this is surprising, but it’s just extremely depressing.

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