Rich food overload

While traveling through Indonesia has been a true learning experience both in culture and food, I would be lying if I said that the food was light. The food is heavily seasoned with endless varieties of herbs and spices, lots of coconut and regular milk, and no shortage of meats, rices, and breads. Towards the end, I could feel my stomach bulging a bit and a an increased desire to eat more fruit and vegetables, though I was already eating a good amount of fruit because of all the amazing fresh produce we can get here easily that we cannot get easily or as fresh in New York. But, I did feel as though this indulgence period needed to come to an end.

While back in Melbourne for a day, I got to eat much lighter and did no food filming of myself, so that made me feel a bit more restful. It’s funny how others go on vacation to relax, but I rarely feel “relaxed” while on vacation because we’re always on the go. And now with YmF, there’s always going to be “work” on trips! A fan who started following me after meeting me in Jakarta said he felt bad “for disturbing me while I was working” during filming. Well, I wish this was real “paid” work now!

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