Packing for summer when it’s winter outside

It’s time to start packing for Australia. Each year when I go through the process of packing for Australia when it’s clearly cold and miserable here in New York, I always look at all the clothes I lay out on my bed to pack and wonder if I am going to be warm enough… only because when I look outside my window here, all I see is the cold and grey, which is especially true today since it’s absolutely freezing outside with nonstop frigid rain. I didn’t even go outside the apartment today.

But Melbourne is a funny place. It’s the type of city where it can be 60 degrees F one day and then 100 degrees the next. I still vividly remember the very first morning Chris took me back to Melbourne for Christmas in December 2012. I kept thinking about summer, so I ended up wearing the lightest jacket for our airport transfers. When we landed and were waiting for his parents to pick us up curbside, I was absolutely freezing in the little bits that I was wearing and was really unhappy with myself. The sky was grey and it looked like it was threatening to rain. Is this what an Australian summer is in Melbourne…?!

Fast forward to a few days later when the thermostat was over 110 degrees F and his parents were warning us to stay indoors and not wander around the city… which of course, we did, because Chris never likes being told what to do. I was being burned alive.

Unpredictable Melbourne, we’re a comin’ for you.

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