Influencing others to cook

We have “coffee klatch” meetings randomly scheduled at work so that colleagues have the opportunity to get to know other colleagues who they may not get the chance to work with day too day. I had one with a colleague who started about six months ago. Even though we’re technically on the same team, we really haven’t spoken much. It seems like it’s because I’m usually on the road, mostly for work, sometimes for pleasure, or one of us is working from home.

I told her about my YouTube channel a few months ago, and she was one of the very first people who not only followed and subscribed, but also watched my videos. She said that my videos have inspired her to start building her kitchen “staples,” such as rice, dried pasta, and spices. “Once I have all this stuff, I’ll be set for cooking!” she exclaimed.

That’s usually the biggest challenge of converting someone from a Seamless/food delivery devotee to a home cook: getting them to invest in the basics because it seems like a lot in the beginning. Well, it IS a lot in the beginning, but it certainly pays off. I’d really hate it if I had to run to the store just to pick up something as basic as olive oil or cumin. Those need to be on hand at all times.

The channel is still small, but the feedback I am getting has been quite positive. It only makes me want to continue and do more.

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