Who knew that overnight oats would be so popular?

When I uploaded my overnight oats YouTube video, although I was pretty satisfied with my different angles when filming and the editing I did, I didn’t really think it would be that popular of a video. Just five days later, though, it’s already gotten more views than any of my Indian cooking videos or my Oaxacan mole videos. And when I mentioned to my colleagues my latest video upload, a number of them started squealing and oohing and ahhing with delight that overnight oats was finally live. One said she’d make sure to watch it this weekend because she loved seeing me bring my mason jars in filled with my oats for breakfast during the summer. I didn’t realize how “exciting” oats would be to people. But I guess this goes to show that even when you think that something is boring or bland, others could completely think differently from what you’d assume.

Clearly, I need to do more studying on what appeals to the masses.

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