Vir Das at Town Hall

It’s a double weekend of comedy for Chris and me this weekend, as he booked us second-row seats to see the Indian comedian Vir Das tonight, plus Bill Maher at Madison Square Garden tomorrow. Chris introduced me to Vir Das earlier this year via a Netflix special he was on that showcased talented comedians from around the world. Vir Das, because he’s Indian and from (and based in) Mumbai, adds a different element of comedy than what Indian-American/Canadian comedians like Hasan Minhaj or Russell Peters offer in that he’s not from the western world; he chooses to live and stay in India. That gives him a really interesting perspective on the world overall. And he can be very politically incorrect and say things about the U.S. or the UK that western people probably would not say or even think and then get away with it. It was refreshing to hear him speak, particularly about “wokeness” and his take on it. It was also fun to be in an audience that was about 95% Indian, and very likely Indian originally from India. I was a different kind of minority in a different kind of majority tonight, and I kind of liked it.

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