Pumpkin bread baking time

Every autumn season, other than looking forward to the wide variety of fall apples (Honeycrisp!!) and autumn and winter squash, I also get excited about seeing canned butternut squash and pumpkin available everywhere, which means it’s pumpkin-themed baking time, whether that means pumpkin bread, pumpkin pancakes, butternut squash soup; it gets me really excited and wanting to spend even more time in the kitchen than I already do.

Today for the first time this season, I made pumpkin bread with a new recipe and tweaked it quite a bit. I swapped some of the white sugar for brown sugar, added vanilla extract, and also used coconut oil to increase moistness over regular oil or butter. I also topped the loaf before baking with a cinnamon sugar topping, and wow, this bread really blew me away. Not trying to brag, but this pumpkin bread is, by far, the moistest, richest, most satisfying pumpkin bread I’ve made, and I’ve made a lot of these loaves since college. The spices just sing in it. This recipe is most definitely a keeper. And it will be on the vlog soon!

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