Food Film Fest

Tonight, we went with some friends to the annual New York City Food Film Fest, a festival where while you watch films about food, you also get served the food that you see on the big screen. While I liked some of the short films more than others, I will say that you certainly get what you pay for, as there is certainly no shortage of food or drink (alcoholic and not!). Without even realizing it, I feel like I’d only had a few small bites (it’s all small bites, for that matter), and immediately started getting much fuller much faster than I had anticipated. Some of the food was inevitably cold, which was a bit frustrating, but other food, such as the ribs, were actually decent at room-temperature. It’s hard to make good food at scale that is also hot.

While I enjoyed the experience, I’ll be honest and say that I am probably not in a rush to go back. We subsequently found out that a number of these films were on YouTube, and a few of them were quite passable to me.

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