Early rising goal

After seeing how good it felt to wake up early for my 8am Swerve cycling class on Monday, I’ve decided that I need to stop being lazy and wake up earlier. I used to do this all the time from age 27 through 30; I don’t know how my laziness took over me again. I would wake up at 5:50-6am every weekday from Monday through Thursday to make it in time to my gym near Herald Square for an hour-long workout class, followed by another half hour of working out solo. Some days, I even woke up at 5:30 to make it in time for my 6:30am Bikram yoga classes. That took some massive grit on my end.

I only managed to make it down for the gym at 7:40 this morning. My goal is to continue my 7am workouts again. Let’s see how I fare, especially with these dark mornings and shorter days becoming a thing with autumn settling in and winter around the corner.

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