When your editing eye just dies

As someone who has always enjoyed writing and once edited for middle and high school newspapers as a student, I’ve always been pretty anal when reviewing anything that is going to be published. I obsess over grammar, and with photos, I obsess over lighting, contrast, and brightness. Yet somehow, despite being this anally attentive to detail, I somehow missed in my last two video posts that my end title template had spelled the word “follower” with three Ls. One of my very detailed friends caught that immediately and called it out to me, and I just started groaning. How did someone like me miss something as basic as that? I was way too eager to hit “publish post.”

Chris refused to let me edit and republish, partly because re-exporting the media file would take ages, but mostly because these tiny errors show growth and can also give way to engagement and comments. So, I sucked it up in the spirit of testing and iterating, learning and growing, and have moved on…. painfully. .

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