Miami, again

Going to and from Colombia, we actually connected in Miami. So, you’d think that if I wanted to be somewhat sensible that I just would have stayed in Miami on Monday night since I’d have to come back on Tuesday for work, but nope, I didn’t. Instead, I flew back to New York late Monday night, slept in my own bed that night, then woke up and took an 11:30am flight back to Miami for my three-day work trip.

I was telling my colleagues this today, and they both thought I was crazy. “Why would you do that?” they both asked me. Well, this trip was already booked back in January, and it’s a personal trip. And if I stayed in Miami that night, I would likely have to pay the hotel out of pocket since I wasn’t really there for work at that time, and… well, who wants to do that? And I guess I can always use more miles because why not?

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