Tibetan cuisine

One of the greatest things about New York City is the incredibly diverse and delicious food you can get here. Having lived in Queens for four years, I still keep going back to that borough even though I no longer live there because of the vast diversity in cuisines represented there (and at low price points). Tibetan and Nepalese food has interested me more and more as the years have gone on, with its spices and chilies, as well as its thick knife-cut noodles and momo dumplings. We took Chris’s parents to a Tibetan restaurant in Elmhurst, my own neighborhood, for dinner tonight, and had a delicious meal of noodles, dumplings, and spicy and garlicky vegetables. They were spicy in a hot and numbing way, and also well seasoned. The dumplings bursted with hot broth. In these moments while eating these meals, I feel very proud to have lived in Queens, and even happier to live here in New York where I have such easy access to this kind of food.

One of the most amusing dishes we had was the yellow fen, which was essentially yellow rolled rice noodles filled with… instant ramen noodles. The server told us that these noodles are either served stuffed with tofu or “noodle.” She didn’t mention that the noodles were instant, though. They were crunchy and spicy. Chris ate these and marveled at what the filling of these noodles were… until I told him that they were instant ramen. 😀

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