Outreach to nonprofits for group volunteering

Every single thing in New York City is competitive. You can’t even give free labor easily; you actually have to apply to volunteer here and go through all types of applications, background checks, waiver forms, etc. So as I am planning our team’s annual Impact Week for our office here this June, I’m getting annoyed by all the requirements that I am being asked to do, everything from background checks (which we’d have to pay for ourselves) to even donating money (on top of donating our time… which technically IS money). Sifting through dozens of websites and all their criteria was grating on my nerves this afternoon.

The easiest way to access organizations the quickest was in the end, to ask Chris which nonprofits Salesforce gives time to. And that has already yielded a number of responses over email.

My baby is always helping me get things done, even when it’s for my own charitable work with my company. <3

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