Dentist visit

I came in for my bi-annual teeth cleaning today to see my dentist and his wife, who is also a dentist, but does all the book work for him. I can’t even remember how long it’s been since I first started seeing them since Chris recommended them to me, but it’s been quite a long time. I usually feel quite comfortable with them, and we tend to chat about all kinds of random things as though we are all old friends, everything from leisure travel to their dog to their remodeling project going on right now. They are always chatty with me, and at the end of my visit, they usually will give me a dental kit to take home.

This time, they actually gave me two sets. The toothbrushes were particularly sturdy, perhaps the latest innovation from Oral-B. So when I got home and unpacked it, Chris noticed it and asked where I got it. I told him that our dentists gave them to me, and he said, “Oh. They never give me anything when I go see them.”

Maybe all the friendliness and chatting pays off?

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