Jersey boondocks bound

After two nearly back to back trips out of state, this morning, I had to wake up to get to Penn Station to take Amtrak out to Trenton, from which I would grab an Uber to Ewing, New Jersey, where one of my customers is headquartered. I would be there for over five hours in different training sessions and meetings to discuss how the team could better leverage their technology subscription with us.

It’s funny to think that travel to cities like Orlando or Chicago would somehow be easier from New York City than travel to Ewing, New Jersey. Jersey is right next door to New York. There’s little reason that it should be so cumbersome to get to even the most random cities there, yet somehow, it is. It wasn’t clear to me whether I should take New Jersey Transit, which would have taken over two hours, or Amtrak, which would take about one hour. My colleagues who live in Jersey strongly advised me not to take NJ Transit because “it may never arrive!” And the roundtrip train ticket cost a whooping $126, which is total insanity. Why should it cost this much??

When I was there, I half jokingly suggested to them that for our next set of trainings, I could host them in our Flatiron offices. Only the customers traveling from LA seemed enthused by that idea.

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