When I go visit customers at their offices, I’m oftentimes reminded by the fact that I’m extremely spoiled where I work in that not only do I get free lunch of whatever I want that will deliver to my office via Seamless, but we also have endless snacks, both healthy and unhealthy, as well as juices, nut milks, cow milks (of varying fat percentages), soy milks, and even now oat milks (in two fat varieties, as well). We have green tea, cold brew coffee, and ginger kombucha on tap, and the latest addition to our “on tap” series is a California Cabernet Sauvignon that our head of sales is obsessed with and asked our office manager to get. Most offices I am visiting barely have water, coffee, and non-dairy creamer.

I was onsite at McDonald’s headquarters today, and even though they are McDonald’s, no, contrary to what my colleagues joke with me about, you cannot just go to the kitchen and get McNuggets or a sausage egg McMuffin just like that. Yes, there is an endless soda stream and water, but that’s really it. However, they were very kind to offer me lunch today, and no, not a quarter-pounder, but actually delivered sweetgreen, the trendy D.C.-based salad company that makes salad actually seem like a delicious treat.

As the delivery came as I was getting my computer set up for my training, I had a small chuckle to myself at the thought that here at McDonald’s, the epitome of bad-for-you fast food, my team was all eating sweetgreen and feeding me with sweetgreen, as well. The irony to me was hilarious.

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