April Fool’s Day jokes

I’m not a great jokester. I would say I certainly have a sense of humor, and I definitely laugh a lot and say silly things pretty often, but I’m not the kind of person who plays pranks on others and derives joy from that. But for those who do find joy in playing pranks, there’s always April Fool’s Day as a “holiday” to mark an entire day of pranks.

One somewhat amusing prank I saw posted was a colleague of mine having a text conversation with her husband. There’s a fashion jewelry brand she loves that has a bracelet she’s been eyeing for a long time… that costs over $6,500. She texted him and said something along the lines of, “I’m finally using my bonus to treat myself!” And then sent him a screen shot of this bracelet with the price. He didn’t believe it at all and said it was so predictably false, especially given the day of the year.

I’m pretty certain if I did something like that with Chris, his response would simply be, “Out the door.”

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