Fitness in the winter

Yesterday, I had my first rigorous workout since coming back from Vietnam and getting over my cold. I’d been exercising the last two weeks, but I was definitely doing less strenuous routines and also running at slower paces to get my body back into the rhythm of morning exercise. It’s still been a struggle to get up in the morning, especially knowing how cold it is once I leave my bed and bedroom, but I’ve been trying.

But it felt good to work out. Before 10am, I already had over 7,500 steps logged on my Garmin, and I felt energized the way I did before our trip. This is when exercise gets addictive — the feeling you get after of accomplishment and renewed energy. Nothing really beats that feeling of getting your body active and feeling like you did something good for it. It also helps me think more clearly throughout the day, too.

Now, I just need to keep pushing myself to wake up early enough to work out and get to work on time. The usual winter challenge… mind vs. body…



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