Boring is the only word that comes to mind

It’s only Wednesday, yet somehow, this week has felt so long, likely because I came back from the beautiful fairy tale land of Portugal to a boat load of work and drama this week. It wasn’t made better by the fact that I had to sub in to do an interview of a San Francisco candidate for our team, which meant that not only did I have to spend time interviewing and watching this person’s mock presentation, but I also had to participate until 7:15 my time. So I left the office early to do both the interview and the presentation at home.

It was the most excruciating interview I’d been in. I’ve had good interviewees and bad ones, but this one, if I had to sum her up in just one word, I would say she was the most boring candidate I’d ever interviewed. She gave long-winded answers to the point where I’d forget what my original question was. She constantly was thinking out loud, so it was hard at times to follow her thought process. And although she was trying to appear enthusiastic, she kept using this nasal part of her vocal chords to speak (is that the voice thing that millennial women are accused of doing all the time?!). It was just painful to be in and to pay attention.

For parts of the interview where I did not have my earbuds in, Chris heard it, and he texted me one word in all caps: BORING.

Aren’t we supposed to be looking to hire dynamic people who have personalities that would win over our customers?

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