Hitting goals

For the first time this fiscal year, our office finally hit its sales goal. Yesterday was the last day of Q3, and we were actually 130 percent of goal. The general mood of our office hasn’t been extremely positive the last three quarters because we weren’t hitting our numbers, and rumors were going around that the overall company looked down at the east team and saw us as a failures. It also didn’t help that a lot of people have been leaving or getting fired on the sales team, so it only made morale and the general outlook worse. But today, we celebrated at 10am with multiple bottles of Veuve Cliquot and a pretty happy, positive spirit all around. Even the grumpiest and most negative people in my office were smiling and laughing. It was like what our office used to be when we were our original team back when I first started. It actually felt really nice.

I’ve always tried to contribute when I can to the culture and general good spirits of the office, so it felt good today to see that we’re actually moving in an upward direction.

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