Cigarette smell on our floor

In the last couple of months, we’ve been noticing that there’s been a cigarette smell in our apartment hallway. Sometimes it’s faint, other times it’s strong, but regardless, it’s still annoying. We’re technically not in a non-smoking building, so residents are actually allowed to spoke in their units with the condition that the smell cannot leave their apartment. Well, this is New York City, and it’s not like people are stuffing odor blockers under their doors, so there’s really very little you can do to prevent those types of smells from not leaving your apartment unless you open your window and smoke out of it… and who is really going to be that considerate and do that anywhere?

So I got home early today after a customer onsite meeting nearby, and our handyman came by to ask me some questions about the cigarette smell. In a nutshell, our building manager had narrowed it down to the new tenant at the opposite end of our floor (there are only six units per floor in our building), but she couldn’t legally say that in an email to me, so she asked our handyman to have a chat with me about it today and to keep an eye (well, a nose, really) out for it.

I guess this goes to show that she cannot use “guilty until proven innocent” in writing as her approach, huh? Doesn’t that sound familiar with our current events today…



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