Donation reminders

According to the AFSP website, sometimes it takes as many as five reminders to get people to donate to your chosen cause, so it encourages those who are fundraising not to be shy about sending reminder emails and messages. I always feel like they are a bit of a nuisance; if someone wanted to donate, then they would have just donated the first time around, right? But hey, people get caught into their everyday life, so maybe one or two reminders wouldn’t be a terrible thing.

And in my own personal experience, this advice is definitely accurate. The reminders do work: with my email outreach during the first round, I received 19 donations. With my second reminder email to those who did not already donate, I received 15 donations. And with my third (and final) reminder email I sent just tonight, I received one very generous donation (that was only 20 minutes ago). Maybe the reminders aren’t so terrible or annoying after all. Maybe we all could use a little nudge here and there.

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