I was taking a break and scrolling through my Instagram feed today when this Rupi Kaur post came up:


when i woke up

the sun fell to the ground and rolled away

flowers beheaded themselves

all that’s left alive here is me

and i barely feel like living

depression is a shadow living inside me

We always say that it takes a village to raise a child. It also takes a village to help someone out of their depression, to help them separate the idea that ending pain does not necessarily mean s/he needs to end his/her life. The saddest part about that statement, though, is that even when people do show obvious signs they are struggling, the people who should care and give more attention do not. And then, it is suddenly too late, and those remaining have all these regrets of thoughts of what they could have done — should’ve could’ve would’ve. 

The laziness and inaction of human beings never ceases to anger me. That applies to voting, too, in today’s heated political climate.

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