Rebelling against autumn

While I’m excited about autumn squash, incorporating pumpkin and spices into my baking, and well, more autumn and wintry cooking in the form of stews, chilies, and soup, I’m still not thrilled about the early darkness that comes even before departing the office and having to turn lights on earlier than during the daylight savings time/summer months. I wore a dress and sandals to the office today to visually express my rebellion, and it really didn’t even feel like a rebellion because it was so warm and even a bit humid outside today. It’s still in the 70s, and we’re already on October 1st. I refuse to wear sweaters and warm pants. The weather refuses to cool down, too. It looks like the city’s weather and I are actually in sync.

Autumn also tends to mean that the more boring fruits tend to be available. While I do love honey crisp, mutsu, and pink lady apples, as well as pomegranates and persimmons, none of these fruit can hold a candle to the flavor of mangoes, lychees, or all the luscious berries out there. This means that it’s just time to whip out all the recipes I’ve neglected over the years to highlight these fruit, like French apple cake and persimmon bread.

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