Tonight, I attended the going-away party of our sales leader and one of our most tenured sales account executives here in the New York City office. It was a bittersweet moment considering that I highly respected both of them, and I knew things would be different in our office moving forward with their absence. The going-away party also included many former employees, some of whom had voluntarily left, others who had gotten laid off during the big cut that happened last October in an attempt to bring our company into more of an enterprise-focused era. It was a really good time, one that I enjoyed.

The strangest thing that happened tonight was when one of my former colleagues who showed up was talking to my female colleague and me about how he’s 36 and just hasn’t found the right woman. He’s dated, had serious and non-serious relationships. He’s even had flings with married women and attached women. He asked about our dating statuses, and I shared I was married, and my colleague shared that she was living with her boyfriend. And he looks suggestively at us, “Well, if you’re ever interested or bored and want to hang out one night… I have your numbers, right?”

Did he seriously just proposition the both of us?

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