Key for the front door

I was out at dinner with some friends tonight, and a friend came over after to relax and catch up on random things. Then, suddenly, my colleague friend texts me to ask me if I have a key to the front door of the office. He was out at dinner with our east coast head of sales and our CEO and had just gotten back to the office with them in an attempt to have our visiting CEO pick up his luggage, which he decided to leave at the office. Our office building is set up in such a way that after 8pm, the doorman goes home, which means that the front door gets locked, and you need a physical key to get into the building, then a keycard to get into the floor we’re on.

When he explained this to me over the phone, I got so annoyed. Why would he just leave his luggage at the office and not bring it with him? The restaurant is so close to the office. And how could neither of the other two remembered that the door locks at 8pm? And if they had the key, which they do, why would they not always carry it on their set of keys and instead choose to leave it at home?!

I was getting ready to leave and kick my friend out to go downtown to open the door when my colleague calls me back and said that plan B worked out; they were able to get a hold of our office manager, who was able to call the cleaning lady, who just happened to be cleaning another office just a ten-minute walk from our building.

It seems like poor judgment, panic, and unfortunate events seem to descend upon us whenever our new CEO is in town. And the mood isn’t great. No one wants to be around. And I almost left my apartment at 9:30pm on a Tuesday night just so that he could get his luggage. I was so mad. And I was irritated that my colleague asked me to do this. This is what happens when you’re too nice of a person and people rely on you to always be there for them. You just get abused and are left feeling unappreciated.

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