Hijacked class

Today is the first day of our Java Script and debugging courses after work, which will last for two hours each Tuesday and Thursday for approximately the next two months. We got approval for funding for these classes to have an instructor come to our office and show us the basics, as a few of us agreed that we might be more effective in our roles if we knew more of the technical aspects of our product. I figured it would be a good opportunity, especially since our company is already paying for it, so there was no reason for me not to join. I could suck this up for two short months for a longer term reward in understanding more deeply.

But the class didn’t really go the way I expected, as one of my colleagues ended up hijacking the topic halfway through to ask random, customer-specific questions. I was sitting there, playing with my sushi dinner, wondering when we were going to get back to the core of what the instructor was supposed to be going through. But it never ended up coming.

This was my frustration in school whenever some jerk in the class would take us on a long tangent that was unrelated to the actual subject matter at hand. It’s just like being in school again here where one little twit hogs all the attention of the teacher.

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