Green Dirt Creamery

On our final day in Kansas City, we drove a little outside the city to visit a grass-fed sheep’s milk cheese creamery in Weston, Missouri. I had read about it in some travel and food blogs when doing trip research for this weekend, and so we made a booking for a tour of the grounds, which ended in a cheese and local grape varietal wine tasting.

The comical thing about coming here and taking Chris and his parents to this is that in Australia, pretty much all dairy is grass-fed; there’s no novelty about it. It’s what is considered normal and what is practiced. Every time I go there, the milk always, always tastes better than the average milk that we buy here, even organic. It doesn’t matter if the milk or organic or not. What that means it that if you are drinking “organic milk, your cows are likely just getting organic grain and corn. It’s still corn they’re eating, which isn’t normal. What really matters is whether the cows are eating grass, what they are naturally supposed to be eating. They are what they eat.

Chris’s dad, who really doesn’t know much about food at all (when I tell him I like to make things from scratch and don’t like brownie or pancake mixes, he has absolutely no idea what I mean when I say a “mix”), even said that grass-fed dairy was the norm in Australia and New Zealand, so he didn’t quite get why this place was notable. “I suppose that in Australia, this place would no longer have its shtick, right?” he asked. Yes, he’s right. This stupid country.

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