Puppy in the office

My colleague recently adopted a puppy from a shelter, and as he’s been pretty well behaved, the puppy has come to the office twice now. Today was his second visit, and unfortunately for us, he had a “bad boy” moment and peed on the carpet… about two inches away from another colleague’s luggage. He got a bit of a punishment after that. No one like urine on the office floor, especially on a rug.

That reminded me of the time when I was at a previous company, and there was an extremely strict no-pets rule in the office. I had learned that they previously tried to have a “bring your dog to work day,” but it resulted in one dog taking a big dump right in the center of a conference room, and no one knew about it until the end of the day when housekeeping came in and found the big lump under the table. Needless to say, dogs were banned from there on out. The question in my head was…. how did no one ever notice the dog poop — was that conference room not in use for the entire day?

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