Office idiosyncrasies

There are so many office acronyms and strange sayings. I’ve especially learned a good number of them while working here. There also is a supposed respect for people’s calendars. It seems to be a thing for people to just throw calendar invites onto your calendar, so these are some of the calendar blocks I have seen while working here:

Wednesday, 8-11: FU — it means “follow-up,” not the “F U” you were thinking of.

Monday, 3-5: GSD – “get shit done” aka do not schedule time here.

Thursday, 4-6 – Commute home. Yes, that’s commute time. Don’t add anything here.

Friday, 3-5: DNS – short for “do not schedule.”

Thursday, 9-11: Think time. Do not schedule over “think time.” All great leaders need this. 

Tuesday, 12-3 – schedule meetings. So, this one is ambiguous, right? Why does it say “schedule meetings” when if I schedule a meeting at that time, you get annoyed and tell me that the time was blocked off. It literally says “schedule meetings”!

Monday, 9-6pm – OOO – out of office. Why didn’t you just set an ‘all-day’ event instead of cluttering your calendar and then mine by sharing this invite with me?!

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