Did I really just find out tonight that one of my colleagues is actually a Trump supporter?

I know I’m not supposed to be shocked because Trump supporters are all over this country, but really? Now, every single time I talk to her, I’m going to have this in the back of my mind: “you are one of the 53 percent of white women who helped elect this dipshit, this pussy grabber, this no-politics experience, this illiterate and racist asshole into the highest office of the land? You think you are smart? Really?”

I’m not trying to be a nice person here. I’m just being honest. She probably thinks I’m another docile Asian, another person of color adding diversity to this metropolis we know as New York City. I’m some liberal from San Francisco who doesn’t know any better. It’s okay. She is entitled to her potential opinion. Even if it’s wrong.

I just really cannot stand stupid people.

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