A good friend of mine recently got engaged, and he came over tonight for dinner as we discussed how the proposal happened, what the plans were for their wedding, and everything related. Stereotypically, when we think of engagements, we think of them as exciting events, times when the couple is extremely happy and jumping out of their skin delirious about their future together. But with this situation, my friend was happy, but not extremely excited; it seems like the right thing to do for him, and he’s moving forward with it. He cares about this person, but he’s not head over heels in love with her. It just makes sense.

I’d be so devastated if I ever found out Chris felt that way about me when we proposed. But I guess that’s why secrets exist; you can’t always share everything.

Maybe it’s just the romantic in me. Yes, people get married out of necessity all the time. It’s not always love that brings people together. It’s money, politics, legal crap, immigration — you name it. But I think everyone kind of deserves the excitement and chaos that comes with a happy engagement. It’s hard to replicate that excitement in any other situation in my head.

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