Fashion capital

Because Milan is known to be one of the fashion capitals of the world, a bit of me expected everyone in Milan to be hyper fashion conscious, impeccably dressed, and the women to be more heavily made up. I didn’t really find this to be the case walking around today, but I did notice that a lot of women were wearing high heeled boots. When I think of Chinatowns in any city across the world, the first thing I imagine is a whole slew of restaurants, both the dingy hole-in-the-walls, the family restaurants, and a sprinkling of higher end, banquet-style restaurants. In Milan Chinatown as we walked up and down the streets, it certainly seemed as though there were far more clothing, accessory, and custom-made clothing stores than restaurants of any type. We also ran into a lot of outlets and little stores claiming to sell designer names at reduced prices. We walked into one outlet, and after a bit of looking at what they had, I got immediately exhausted and wanted to leave. Shopping for clothes is always overwhelming and annoying to me. This is why I wish I had a personal shopper to do all my shopping and ensure everything fit correctly. I hate trying on clothes and deciding whether things match or look good on me or not, and when faced with a massive outlet store, instead of getting excited, I get more frustrated by all the options.

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