Turning down freebies

The level of laziness I observe every day is so frustrating sometimes… even when it comes to things that are literally free to people if they just spent five minutes to get something done. I’m lucky to work at a company now that pays for my transportation costs to and from work, which typically amounts to a monthly subway card that today, is valued at $121.50. It’s a pretty nice savings to have, but to my shock, I have a number of colleagues who have never set theirs up, and they’ve been here for over a year. Why would they not do this? They made excuses like… “I didn’t know where to find the information” (maybe just ask someone?), “I hadn’t thought about doing it” (lazy), “I forgot about it” (you forgot about free money? Really?).

It reminds me of the topic at one of our weekly meetings where we discussed giving free services to customers for a month, and our leadership team just couldn’t understand why people would turn down free services. Well, at the end of the day, even if you give free services to someone, they still need to do something to set that up, and oftentimes, people are too lazy to do even that. Taking action seems to be happening less and less as time goes on.

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