Future parents

My friend and I were at dinner tonight discussing the latest house guests that he and his girlfriend hosted. The couple they hosted also brought their ten-month-old baby with them, and so for a long weekend, it was all five of them in my friend’s one-bedroom condo in Long Island City altogether. While my friends were never with the baby alone for too long, they did have many hours when they did babysit the child, and it gave them a quick glimpse into what life as parents would be.

“You can’t just hang out with the kid and check your phone,” my friend said. “It’s like every second you have to be watching him to make sure he doesn’t bang his head or grab something fragile off the table! It changes everything about how you look at the world and everything you’re focused on!”

We both looked at each other with that understanding look of “shit, being a parent is hard.” We can’t be as into ourselves as before. I probably wouldn’t be posting as many Instagram photos of what I am cooking and eating. My friend wouldn’t obsess with his camera and the shots he’s taking as much. We definitely wouldn’t be able to see as many things when we’re traveling because of the needs of a child. All these superficial things would change for us.

I still want children, though. I’m excited for what’s in store in our future… assuming I still have some viable eggs left. I seem like I’m mentally closer to being in that mindset than my friend is after this conversation, though.

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