Hamilton Island wedding day

I’ve really only known Naomi and James since December 2012, the first time I visited Australia with Chris to meet all his family and friends. I feel like I’ve known them much longer, though. Maybe it’s because when we are all together, everyone is truly authentic to who s/he is, and there’s really no masking of any feeling or thought, as dumb or ridiculous or stupid as it is. Even the things that aren’t correct to talk about are discussed, and it’s all okay, and no one’s really holding judgment against the other as the topic passes. We love people for who they are and what they are, not what we value and how their values measure exactly up to ours. That’s what love is about as hard as it can be.

So on their wedding day, it was exciting for me to be there. It was exciting for Chris to see his first female cousin tie the knot, and it was exciting for me to witness two people who are truly, madly in love commit themselves to each other in front of their loved ones. We oftentimes logically know that our friends or family members love each other and that’s why they marry, but the way I have seen Naomi and James interact, it’s obvious nearly every second how smitten James has been for Naomi, and even borderline whipped, and how Naomi adores him (and is demanding of him, which he so happily complies with every step of the way). When James talks about Naomi, it’s as though Naomi is incapable of any wrong, that everything about her is perfect in his eyes. it’s the cutest thing, even if I may sound too idealistic in this moment. Needless to say, I felt quite teary eyed and excited to be a part of this today.

I always think that if you can’t attend a wedding of someone you love and enjoy yourself, you must absolutely hate life or just not be a joyful person.

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