Joys of a new oven

I baked in my new kitchen with my new oven tonight, and it was absolutely glorious.

I was a little intimidated looking at all the oven options (there’s a heat setting for both the upper and the lower oven… I’ve never seen that before, but hey, I don’t really keep up with oven trends). But when I set the timer digitally to 350 degrees, the number gradually increases to show what the actual temperature is. Then, there are timers for how long you want to bake, and all are digitally set by the digits; no up and down buttons. Just type in what number of minutes. Then, the timer goes off twice; once when there’s only one minute left, and then there’s a seconds countdown, and the second and final time of course when the bake time has completed.

And the banana bread loaf was perfect, beautifully browned on the outside, and moist on the inside. Banana bread is my most often baked good, mostly because it’s so easy and fast, and you never need fancy ingredients for it (well, except this time, I used creme fraiche).

I feel like I’ve finally entered the modern age of oven technology now. No more crappy dials for me.

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