Selling zee sofa

We finally received a notification that someone is purchasing our new sofa that came with our apartment through AptDeco. I figured our chances of selling the sofa were quite slim on Craigslist given a) it’s a designer couch, b) the price point was relatively steep, and c) how often do people really commit on Craigslist anyway, especially to an item that is worth more than just $20-50? So this really worked out for us. Their fee is a bit steep, but the entire process was so smooth, and they’re having their pickup guys come on Saturday to wrap and take it out of here, which is really what I wanted.

We’re finally going to have our living room space whole for the first time this Saturday.┬áIt’s like even though the apartment is new to us, this Saturday, it will truly be new and whole to us for the very first time since we moved in.

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