Farewell, old furniture

It was a sad day today. I worked from home this afternoon so that I could be there to sell our kitchen island, bar stools, and microwave to a Wellesley alum who saw my furniture sale postings on our Wellesley Facebook NYC alumnae group. Even though I was happy to make progress on our move and getting rid of items we won’t need in the new apartment, I felt a little empty watching her boyfriend wheel out the kitchen island, and even more so when they managed to squeeze it into their small van. I’ve spent so many hours sitting on those bar stools and preparing food at that kitchen island. We have so many fond memories together, and now it’s gone. Now, it’s being carted off to an apartment another Wellesley alum is purchasing on West 96th Street.

I guess today, it’s more real that we’re moving because our kitchen island is gone. Now, I can think more about the future and the new kitchen in which I’ll be cooking and prepping food.

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