Potential sayonara

I was a little devastated at dinner last night when we found out that a friend of ours, someone we’ve only met less than two years ago but have hung out with regularly, announced that he may be leaving to California for good. He’s been in the midst of a job search for over seven months now, and nothing has panned out, mostly because he’s switching careers and industries, and hiring managers are rarely willing to take big chances on more senior roles. He and his wife were planning to move to California at some point in the future anyway, so he figured that if this job search doesn’t have any solid leads in the next month, he’s going to be packing up and leaving for good. And once he gets an offer, his wife would quit her job and join him out there.

It’s sad news to hear, but people’s lives have to go on. It’s just sad for us because they’re probably the only couple friend we spend time with regularly and really enjoy. They’re the only couple friend we have where when one person’s talking, the other three are actually engaged and listening. It’s the only couple friend we have where both of us like the other two as much as the other does. We rarely see them separately, as that’s just how our relationship has been, and it’s been really enjoyable and comforting to have them around because they’re just not the typical New Yorkers at all (and funny enough, neither of them is originally from New York) in that they love having people over at their house and just lounging around. If they do leave, I’ll really miss them. The world doesn’t revolve around me, but I really hope his search works out so that we can still enjoy his company locally.

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