Fast forward

Facebook has a way of making you realize exactly how crazy people are who you’ve barely been acquainted with. I’m still fairly strict about who I accept and keep as “friends” on Facebook, but a number of them I’ve kept just out of laziness and because I don’t care one way or another to see their updates or if they see mine. Then today, a picture popped up in my feed of a former colleague who left my last company last August. She was in a “I’m not sure where this is going” type relationship with this guy that hadn’t lasted very long, who she then went on a trip to Iceland with, and she said that this trip would either make or break their relationship. Fast forward five months later, he proposes, then fast forward. Then, this Saturday, they’re getting married! They’d been dating seriously for less than a year!

This is how quickly things go when a) you live in New York, and everyone here is so freaking impatient, and b) when you are past your 30s and everyone is pressuring you to settle down.

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