Hasan Minhaj on Galaxy Note 7

During his test comedy show at a small, intimate venue last night, Hasan Minhaj talked about an experience on a plane where a guy who sat next to him was carrying a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 — you know, that one single phone that has been exploding and catching fire that has been banned from planes? Hasan immediately is alarmed and tells the guy that he cannot have that phone on the plane, that it’s dangerous and could explode. The guy gets really defensive and is really annoyed. He responds with questions like, just because other Galaxy Note 7s have exploded doesn’t mean his will. There are plenty of Galaxy Note 7s that have not exploded, so why are the few that have exploded giving the rest of these phones such a bad rap? You can’t just assume that my Galaxy Note 7 will be bad, too! Mine is fine!

Hasan Minhaj’s response? “Well now, my friend, you understand what it’s like to be a minority.”

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