New start

It’s the second day of spring, and I really should start expanding my food horizons when it comes to what I buy at Trader Joe’s. They are constantly coming out with new products, so why do I always just buy the same produce and oil and dairy products all the time?

I’m clearly late to the band wagon, but Trader Joe’s is the cheapest possible source for organic frozen acai. They also carry the cheapest box of Nature’s Path hemp granola. And why did I always ignore the dried fruit section other than the dried cranberries and cherries? With the help of a random food blogger I found, I realized that they actually sell dried baby bananas that literally taste as good as banana bread, just without all the extra sugar, oil, and eggs. If you tried these, you probably wouldn’t care to touch banana bread again (well, I will still make it, but you know what I mean).

I really need to slow down and actually browse stores instead of being so laser focused on things I supposedly need or want to make the recipes on my list. Maybe this is the season for it.

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