Bling and rings

Like I posted about recently, several of the male friends closest to me all agreed and said that during interviews, engagement/wedding rings should be taken off. Consciously, we know we’re not supposed to judge people based on their personal lives, but we cannot control our subconscious. Of course, during a job interview, the interviewer would be discreet in observing something like that, as it would be illegal to ask “Are you married?” or “Are you expecting to have children soon?” But, noticing details like whether a woman is wearing an engagement ring or wedding band in a purely social setting can also be discreet, too. It’s just that… some men choose not to be discreet about it.

I was at my friend’s birthday event tonight, and two different men, friends of my friend, in two completely different conversations, called out my wedding rings and how “shiny” they were, and asked when I got married. Is this what the world has come to now? Is our conversation so boring that you had to ask me about my marriage, or were you secretly hoping that I was single because you thought I was really cute or had a pretty laugh, and then got disappointed when you found out that I had bling on my fingers? Because in both of those conversations, after we discussed my husband and my wedding and even my rings, those conversations completely ended.

What ever happened to just being friends with the opposite sex? Now that I’m married, I’m no longer able to make new male friends? I swear that these people secretly teamed up with my mother because she’d love to hear this story right now and insist that I should not associate with any men outside of my husband, family, and work (and only for work purposes).

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