Interviewing – the two-way street

I cannot even count how many interviews I have been on since my college years, when I was interviewing for different internship opportunities in San Francisco, Boston, and New York. I’ve had so many good and really terrible experiences, but I would say that one of the worst ones I’ve ever had happened this week.

There’s really nothing worse than interviewing at a company that does not have the foresight to realize that in a job interview, “interviewing” is happening on two sides: the company is evaluating the prospective employee to see if s/he will be a fit for the role and company, and the prospective employee is also at the same time evaluating the company and every single person s/he is meeting with to see if this role, team, company, and culture being presented is going to be a match. It is disheartening when companies do not realize that prospectives are evaluating them, and instead choose to see their companies as the “catch” and don’t work to “sell” who they are to the prospectives. This happened on Monday, when I had a phone interview with two hiring managers. One hiring manager said little to nothing, showing he did not care to ask questions or really elaborate on anything, and the second hiring manager was basically reading questions off his “interview question list” as he called it and had no real social skills conveyed over the phone. He was awkward, monotone, and did not seem to sell through why it would be great to work at their company. It was all about their technology stack and nothing else. I’d sum this interaction up in three words: dry, humorless, and completely uninspiring.

These are the types of tech companies that shoo away talent. No one wants to work with a bunch of lifeless, monotone robots.

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