Stella is coming

Back to reality and the cold that is still New York City here in March. We’ve just passed Daylight Savings Time, yet spring seems so far away. The snow storm is coming (she has a name; Stella!). And me not thinking at all, I went to the grocery store at around 5:45, thinking that I should really get all the household staples for the week. That was really smart.

I arrived at Fairway on 86th street, and the “no cart” line is so long that it wraps around the produce section and nearly goes out the front door. The pasta shelf is nearly empty, and I literally grabbed the very last half gallon of whole milk. People’s carts are filled with not fresh produce, but mostly boxed and processed foods… you know, things for quick reheating and instant gratification and hunger satiation. Everyone on the Upper East Side of Manhattan seems to think that tomorrow, people will literally all be snowed in and trapped in their apartments. Yet, according to today’s weather report, the snow is meant to stop at around 2pm tomorrow. No one is going to work who can work from home. New Yorkers are always overreacting to every little threat of bad weather. It’s comical at times, except when I have to deal with the long lines that are a result of everyone’s shared paranoia.

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