Overpriced happy hours

One thing that always gets people out of work early is a well priced happy hour in New York. However, “well priced” and “happy hour” seem to mean different things to different businesses, especially in the Flatiron area where things tend to be pricey in general. Tonight, I met with my colleague and then two friends for dinner at Casa Neta, a new chic Mexican spot that opened, and the “Happy Hour” was $10 margaritas and $8 beers. Well, that’s what the website said. Then, you go to the bar, and you find out that the $10 margarita only applies to the classic margarita, not the flavored ones, and in my excitement I ordered one hibiscus margarita, then one mexcal margarita. And the bartender didn’t say a word about the pricing until the check came. And when I did order a classic margarita when my friends arrived and we had a table, the drink never came until 45 minutes later, when I had to remind the waiter I ordered it. This place was bullshit.

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