Coffee shops in Manhattan

We had a somewhat early evening show in the West Village tonight, so I decided to go downtown with my laptop to do some work at a coffee shop while waiting for Chris to come back from his work trip. I have a very long and full Yelp bookmark list, which includes not just restaurants and bars, but also interesting coffee shops throughout the city, and I know I will likely never get through any or even all of them given that every single time I try going, I fail. These shops, no matter what time of the day or what day of the week I try to go, are almost always full. If they are not full of laptop workers, they have poor acoustics and are extremely loud, meaning that they are pretty much impossible place to get any real work done. I sadly ended up at a Starbucks on Hudson. At least I had my own table to work at.

That’s the thing about New York. It doesn’t matter what neighborhood or what time of day or week. It’s not just the trendy restaurants and bars that have queues. Even the cute and innovative cafes have waits.

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